Please click on the links below to find out more about German music online!

As a 21st Century Educator, I feel it is very important to provide students with interactive ways of learning language! The internet and pop music serve as an excellent way for students to learn grammar and vocab. Students enjoy watching the videos, downloading songs on their ipods, and this simultaneously serves as a lesson in culture. I know that I teach most of my grammar points through self made songs and through modern songs... please click on the sheet below to see how I teach grammar through pop music:

Das doofe Fischlied is great for adjective ending practice!

....& feel free to visit YOUTUBE to look for these song names and videos... note: sometimes you tube song videos are not censored. Please be aware of this.

See scavenger hunt above with German music and grammar concepts
Also, please view the conference from the Central Connecticut State University about German Rap & hip-hop

More song/German music links below & with contests you can become part of: