German 3 focuses on the continuation of intermediate- advanced proficiency in speaking and writing. Students will finish the Deutsch Aktuell series (Book 3) and will continue their grammar and cultural studies.

Topics are broken down accordingly:
QTR 1: traveling, a focus on Southern Germany, The German mystery- Die Spur Fuehrt nach Bayern, at home/chores/repairs, planning a celebration (Birthday), gathering information/describing people
QTR 2: describing daily routines, in the home, reminiscing, telling jokes and anecdotes, pranks, planning a class reunion, Northern Germany

QTR 3: The German mystery- Das Mysterioese Konzert, Switzerland, recycling, hiking, biking, Heidi, In-class Berlinale (based on student videos), Sabina's Reunion Episode

QTR 4: Austria, Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Romanticism, Art & Poetry (Art Niveau, Goethe, Schiller, Mozart, Strauss, etc), Dresden (the artist group die Bruecke), generational differences and the media, healthy living/landscapes/folk legend (the Harz region)