By Level 2 German, students have already been provided with the basis of German and begin to fine tune their German speaking, writing, reading, and listening. The topics studied include: travel and enjoyment activities, vacation time and holidays, home and everyday, foods and restaurant, the post office, health, driving, and environment. While there is a lot of grammar in level 2, the focus is on narration in the past tense, and an understanding of the four cases and German prepositions and adjective endings. Students are provided with many supplemental activities to aid in their understanding of written and spoken German and culture as well.

The Year is broken down into topics:
Sept: Introduction
Sept/Oct: Travel/Enjoyment Activities
Nov/Dec: Vacation time/Holidays
Dec/Jan: Home/Everyday
Jan/Feb: Food and Rest'nt
March: Post office/letters
April/May: Health, Careers & Env't
May/June: Driving and Navigating around Town


(School trip to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein) (German exchange 2009- American and German students)