​German makes you very marketable and provides you with many opportunities for the future. Visit the links below to find out why YOU should study German!

(Information below is taken directly from the Goethe Institut Website- www.goethe.de Please visit this website as an additional resource for German language study)


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German is for a new breed of thinkers, artists, journalists and travelers. If you want to be a real player in the 21st century, learning German will give you the edge you need. Keep in mind: 100 million people worldwide communicate in German!

With knowledge of German, you improve your employment opportunities - Germany has the largest economy in the European Union and the third largest in the world. German, for sure, puts you in high demand.

German is still a leading language of science, literature, art, philosophy and history. Learn German and get to know one of the great European cultures!


German is an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. German also plays an important role as a foreign language in many countries, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. Almost 20 million students are learning German worldwide, and at least 50 million people have a good knowledge of German as a foreign language.
German is a major language of business and science. Economically, Germany is the most powerful country in Europe. At the same time, many German business companies have gone global in recent years – making German more and more an international business language.

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Bild Gesellschaft
Bild Gesellschaft

Speaking German will enable you to communicate with over 100 million people worldwide

German is the official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. One quarter of Europeans speak German and German ranks among the top 10 most frequently spoken languages in the world.

Bild Medien
Bild Medien

Enhance your employment opportunities in the global economy

Germany has the largest economy in the European Union and the third largest in the world. It is the world’s leading exporter and importer.

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Get to know one of the great European cultures

German is a leading language of science, literature, philosophy, theology, history, music, film and art. Becoming acquainted with artists, composers, scientists, great thinkers and their contributions is very rewarding if done in their language.

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Have a chance to study or research in Germany

The German education system has a long tradition (the oldest German university, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität in Heidelberg, was founded in 1386) and a good international reputation. Foreigners like coming to Germany to study.

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Travel in Germany and other German-speaking countries

Millions of foreign tourists visit German-speaking countries every year. They want to see and experience King Ludwig’s castles in Bavaria, the Austrian and Swiss Alps, German beer at the Oktoberfest or the stunning Rhine river.

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Surf the internet

Of course, the internet speaks English - but German ranks as the second most frequently used language on the internet. According to “Netz-Tipp-Studie”, 56.4% of web pages were in English, in the second place were 7.7% web pages in German.

Bild Unterricht
Bild Unterricht

And to encourage you to start learning German

please keep in mind that German is as easy to learn as any other language. You already know much more German vocabulary than you think: Professor, Kindergarten, Angst, etc.

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